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Focus On Youth

Focus on Youth

St. Bernadette’s Family Resource Centre has been featured on the Toronto Catholic School Board website. See more here:  


St. Jude’s Youth Retreat Program Celebrates 10 years of Ministry

Jean Ko Din from the Youth Speak News section of the recent January edition of the Catholic Register, shares about his experience at a recent St. Jude’s youth retreat. Below is a preview of the article: “At first, it was awkward. The Grade 10 students from St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic High School weren’t really…

SJSS: A Trio From Madonna

About one week ago, we had 3 volunteers come to St. Jude’s to spend time and help out our friends here. They we’re even kind enough to send us a short story of how their day went.   “The day we went to st. Judes for a volunteering experience was a day I won’t forget….

SJSS: Ronnie Samarita – Co-op Student

So here is another St. Jude’s Short Story from one of our most recent co-op students who worked at St. Jude’s during his last year in high school. “I started off not knowing what St. jude’s was. My coop teacher had called there for me to set up an interview as my coop placement. that’s…

SJSS: My Son Loves St. Jude’s

Here is our first SJSS from one our students’ parents. “Hello, I’m here to share what my son has experienced at St. Jude’s. My son is one of the students that attends St. Jude’s Academy of the Arts and has been attending for 4 years. He always tells me about the activities he does and…

St. Jude’s Short Stories (SJSS)

Every week, St. Jude’s will be posting little blogs or short stories to share about their personal experiences at St. Jude’s. You’ll be hearing from the staff, volunteers, co-op students, retreat students, and much more! STAY TUNED!