Nadia’s Testimony

The Marian Shrine of gratitude has been a place of comfort and prayer for me and for many of my family members and Friends. In 2003 I was diagnosed with cancer and I had my left lung removed. In 2006 I found out the cancer had spread throughout my bones and in my eyes with no chance of the cancer going away, they put me on oral chemotherapy to stay stable. I was on treatment for seven and a half years with no change in my scan. I often went to the shrine to pray for God’s healing and to pray for a miracle. Often times when I would pray I would feel my body burning I felt my breathing improve and I started to feel better again. In 2013 I had my routine CT scan and it showed that all cancer in my body had gone away. Not only that but my right lung expanded to the full size of where my left lung used to be giving me full breathing capacity. It’s something the doctors could not explain and they deemed as a miracle. It has been just over two years and every week I continue to pray at The Shrine and thank God for my incredible miracle. The shrine is a place where many people who have hope, who need Miracles can go to and pray and feel comfort and knowing that God is listening to their prayers. I know that the shrine has helped me and that while being there I have received several blessings in my life. The Marian Shrine of gratitude has a very strong Community where everyone gathers to pray and it’s extremely peaceful and a necessity for anyone who believes in God and who needs help from God. This is my testimony.