It all began in “March 2002” when I woke up one morning and all I seen was two of everything, I had double vision. I had lost my balance and my speech was slurred. I went straight to the hospital. After undergoing many tests from Spinal Tabs, MRI’s and Cat Scans I was diagnosed with a rare form of “Multiple Sclerosis” as I never received a positive test back. In my heart, in my parent’s heart we knew God would heal me. I had asked my doctor one day when my vision would go back to normal? He had a blunt answer “maybe never”. I was devastated my heart just crushed. My mom was with me, she would not shed a tear as it would bring me more down, parents gave me the encouragement to never give up; we had so much faith in our dear God. I had to prove this doctor wrong, I didn’t know when, but I would. I was blessed to come across this beautiful piece of heaven “The Shrine of Gratitude”.

I was blessed to come across many great people in my life who prayed with me and for me. Father Basil would constantly give me the encouragement I sometimes lacked. I kept coming here daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day. Here I would find peace it felt like home, where nobody judges you. I felt a strong connection with nature, God and Mother Mary, all the Angels and Saints. When my parents and I first came to the shrine Mother Mary at first looked sad, but as we kept going we noticed a smile, a lustrous look around her. We knew that she was looking out for me. I wanted to stay here all day, all night. I was never in a rush to go home.

Sure enough slowly but surely our prayers started to be answered. My vision slowly went back to normal, my speech and my balance. Year after year my specialist became more amazed at my progress, but never admitted that I did not have such illness. We kept praying to God, Mother Mary all the Angels and Saints; we knew that one day he would tell me it’s not MS.

We just never thought that this would be the year, ten years later, it was January 24th, 2012 I’ll never forget. I walk in to his office in high heels, I looked fabulous. He finished diagnosing me and he looks at me and says “Sandra, I don’t think you have MS, I think it was a virus, you can stop your medication”. I just wanted to scream, cry I was overjoyed. I contained myself and just wanted to tell him, “I told you so”. At first I was afraid to stop my medication so he told me to slowly reduce it. After coming to the Shrine and talking and praying to Mother Mary, all the angel and saints I heard a little voice to stop my medication.

This year March28, 2016 I went for another follow-up appointment with another doctor, my MRI had absolutely no changes.
My continued progress has been a miracle. I only have our Shrine of Gratitude to thank! Through Mother Mary God and God my prayers have been heard.

Xo, Sandra David