Also Known as:
Edimund | Edmund | Osimund

4 December

Seez, Normandy

3 or 4 December 1099

1 January 1457
by Pope Callixtus III

insanity; mental illness; mentally ill people; paralysed people; paralysis; ruptures; toothache


Son of Henry, count of Seez, Normandy, France. He received a good education, and became count of Seez in his own turn. Companion of William the Conqueror, and part of the force that invaded England in 1066.

Following the Battle of Hastings, he was made royal chaplain and Earl of Dorset. Helped prepare the Domesday Book, an analysis of the resources of England. Chancellor of England in 1072. Between his duties of chaplain and chancellor, he received a great education in administration and management.

Bishop of Salisbury, England in 1078. He took his duties seriously, concerned for the good of his diocese, even if many considered it conquered territory. His cathedral administration became a model for cathedrals throughout England. Believed to have initiated the Sarum Rite in England. May have written a biography of Saint Aldhelm of Sherborne, which has not survived, and approved his beatification in 1078. Knew and sought the guidance of Saint Anselm. Enjoyed copying and binding books.

His areas of patronage derive from the miraculous healings that occurred at his tomb, and which paved the way for his canonisation.