Also Known as:

June 21st

March 9th 1568 at the Castle of Castiglione


Dec. 10th, 1726 the decree of Canonization of Saint Aloysius is signed by Benedict XIII. Dec. 31st. The canonization is celebrated at St. Peter’s

1729: Nov. 22nd. St. Aloysius is declared special Patron of all students throughout the entire Catholic World.

He was the eldest son of Ferrante, Marquis of Castiglione in Lombardy, who was offered the spot of commander-in-chief-to the cavalry of Henry VIII of England, but preferred the Spanish court. In Madrid Ferrante met Marta Tana who had come there with Isabel of Valois, Philip’s third wife. He and Marta were married with incredible pomp in 1566, and Aloysius was born on March 9th, 1568.

The boy began soon to practice prayer and penance. In 1578 the Saint makes a vow of perpetual virginity before the picture of Our Lady of the Annunziata, and in 1585 renounced his birthright in favor of his brother Rodolfo and joined the Society of Jesus. In 1591 plague broke out in Rome: Aloysius caught it by carrying the sick to hospital on his back, and despite a brief recovery died on June 21st, a little over twenty-three years old.

Dear Christian youth, you were a faithful follower of Christ in the Society of Jesus. You steadily strove for perfection while generously serving the plague-stricken. Help our youth today who are faced with a plague of false cults and false gods. Show them how to harness their energies and to use them for their own and others’ fulfillment—which will redound to the greater glory of God. Amen.

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