St. Cecilia

Also Known as:
Cecily, Cicilia. Virgin and Martyr

November 22nd




Music, singers, musicians, composers, musical instrument makers and poets, blind and church


Cecilia was a rich and noble patrician in Roman society but she converted to Christianity. Cecilia vowed to remain a virgin in the service of God but her parents forced her into marriage with Valerian of Trastevere. On her wedding day, she played the organ and persuaded her husband to be baptized. He converted his brother to Christianity and they developed a ministry devoted to providing proper burials to martyred Christians. When the faith of the brothers was known they were martyred. Cecilia gave a Christian burial to her husband and his brother for which she was arrested. She was then suffocated and when this failed to kill her she was then stabbed in the neck and left bleeding to death.

O glorious saint, who chose to die instead of denying your King, we pray you please to help us as His fair praise we sing. We lift our hearts in joyous song to honor Him this way. And while we sing, remembering, to sing is to doubly pray. At once in our hearts and in our tongues we offer double prayer sent heavenward on winged notes to praise God dwelling there. While in our hearts and tongues we try with song to praise God twice, we ask dear saint, to help us be united close to Christ! Amen.

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