St. John of the Cross

Also Known as:
Confessor and Doctor of the Church

14 December, 24 November (General Roman Calendar, 1738-1969)

June 24, 1542

December 14, 1591 (aged 49)

December 1726, 27by Pope Benedict XIII

Contemplative life; contemplatives; mystical theology; mystics; Spanish poets


John of the Cross was a major figure of the Counter-Reformation, a Spanish mystic, Catholic saint, Carmelite friar and priest, born at Fontiveros, Old Castile.

Saint John of the Cross was a reformer of the Carmelite Order and is considered, along with Saint Teresa of Ávila, as a founder of the Discalced Carmelites. He is also known for his writings. Both his poetry and his studies on the growth of the soul are considered the summit of mystical Spanish literature and one of the peaks of all Spanish literature

Saint John of the Cross, in the darkness of your worst moments, when you were alone and persecuted, you found God. Help me to have faith that God is there especially in the times when God seems absent and far away. Amen

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