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For Special Babies with Special Needs

We believe that children are a heritage from God and a blessing from His Hand.

Image by Zach Lezniewicz

Welcome to Little Angel’s Corner

The most major milestones of development occur within the first three years of life. Most children learn to walk, talk and develop from completely dependent infants to courageous toddlers. We believe that children are a heritage from God and a blessing from His Hand. Little Angel’s Corner offers parents of children who have special needs, support to create the stable and nurturing environment an infant needs to thrive.

A gap in community services fails to provide support for parents with infants who have special needs during their critical first years of development. We wish to bridge this gap by implementing Little Angel’s Corner.

Little Angel’s Corner is targeted to support families with infants from birth to 2½ years old. Although the program allows universal access, it will place special emphasis on children with developmental and/or physical challenges. It is our aim to strengthen the existing support system of participating families, as well as to increase their accessibility to the community. A diverse range of services will be offered to the families we serve.

What the Program Offers

A Parent Support Group

Little Angel’s Corner is a place where parents can share and discuss with others who face similar circumstances, their personal fears and a variety of other issues that affect them. It is our priority to assist parents in acquiring the skills that will foster healthy child development, while providing their children with a support network. There will be an opportunity for parents to be linked with other families who have adult children who are developmentally and physically challenged. Their role will be to offer support and act as mentors.

An Early Child Development Program

Our on-site relief program offers parents an opportunity to attend the support group and get the most out of our guest speakers, while their children are attended to by early childhood educators who understand the importance of promoting healthy child development in a stimulating play environment. There will be an opportunity for the group to invite professional consultants to speak on various child-rearing concerns and offer parent education.

Snoezelen Room

The Snoezelen room is a room developed to provide appropriate relaxation and stimulation for children with developmental challenges. It is a sensory room filled with sights, sounds and movement. The benefits of a Snoezelen room include:

  • Tension is reduced

  • Mood and behaviour are positively affected

  • Concentration is increased

  • Responsiveness and vocalization improve

  • Communication is enhanced

  • Sensory skills are developed

  • Eye-hand coordination is improved

  • Cause and effect is developed and enhanced

  • Relaxation is experienced

  • Activities are self-directed and self-controlled

  • The provision of a friendly, stress free environment where interaction with adults and peers can occur on a comfortable, non-threatening level

An Interactive Parent/Child Play Group

All parents in attendance will have an opportunity to bring light and hope to their children’s future, and learn how to make their own parenting experience a more positive one. Little Angel’s Corner Will be offering parents an opportunity to be involved in a play group with their children.

The program will operate Fall, Winter and Spring on Wednesday mornings from 9:30am – 11:30am

Program Location

D’Arcy McGee School
20 Bansley Avenue
Room 237
Toronto, Ontario
M6E 2A2 (Vaughan/Oakwood)
Phone: 416-397-6300

Subsidy available for those who qualify.

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