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ShareLife - 2014 Report to Donors

St. Jude Academy of the Arts is like a second home for Robert -- other participants and employees are his extended family.

St. Jude’s provides Robert with a secure, comfortable environment where he can express himself through the performing arts program. Not usually comfortable in crowds, or even in the company of others, the program is something he looks forward to attending every day. As a result, he has more exposure to the community, his peers, and regular social interaction with individuals, other than his immediate family members. The routine and stability that St. Jude’s offers help Robert to thrive.

There were few options available to Robert after high school, and many of these were either a great distance away from home of inaccessible due to lack of transportation.. St. Jude Academy of the Arts has been a valuable life saver for Robert and his family. The social interaction at this agency has allowed Robert to grow and mature as a person. He has become more independent. Finally, his improved social behavior, (thanks to constant encouragement from staff at St. Jude’s), has allowed him to have positive experiences in the community. St. Jude’s program has a wonderful impact on Robert and others like him. We are truly grateful for their existence!

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